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So I am wanting to use a dynamic list to query for shortcut list. I already have procedures in place and ready to get the user ID and the page ID. I am using apex 5.0. The Question: What is the table and column (if it even exists) I need to query for in order to get the page name if given the corresponding page ID. ie: Mx5 nc front bumper
Jan 22, 2008 · It fills an array "emp_list" with all the values you want to have already selected (on the left in the shuttle). In my case the first 3 records. The most important part is the last line APEX_UTL.TABLE_TO_STRING. Which transforms the array in a way so the shuttle can understand it. A string, with in between the values a ':'.

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Apex - SOQL - This is Salesforce Object Query Language designed to work with SFDC Database. Suppose, we need a list of records which are created today and whose customer name is not 'test'. You must select the fields for which you need the values, otherwise, it can throw run time errors.

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oracle, oracle11g, oracle-apex. If your select list returns the actual page numbers you want this is simple. Just edit the select list item and set the Page Action when Value Changed setting to "Redirect to Page (based on selected value)": See my demo on You seem to have the select list returning...

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function processCheckBox(pThis){ // // Check the value of the checkbox, manipulate and store in a string in sessionStorage // Call ajax process to store on the server // if(pThis.checked){ if (sessionStorage.getItem("selectedLPIDs") == ""){ sessionStorage.setItem("selectedLPIDs",pThis.value); } else { sessionStorage.setItem("selectedLPIDs",sessionStorage.getItem("selectedLPIDs") + "~"+ pThis.value); } } else { var array = sessionStorage.getItem("selectedLPIDs").split("~"); var index = array ...

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Sep 28, 2015 · Create Item to Hold List of IDs Create a hidden APEX item which will contain a comma delimited list of all the IDs that are to be checked off (in this example it will be P1_EMPNO_LIST). Be sure to modify the Value Protected attribute to No. This is critical as this item will be updated via AJAX and can not have any hashing/security applied to it.

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This video will help to select multiple value from select list & make a query based on these multiple selection value. Subscribe my ... Oracle Apex 19.1 : Dynamic Action event :Interactive Grid selection change Action:alert , execute JavaScript code to get column ...

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Americas Summit 2020. Join us for the America's Summit 2020 on 4 November 2020, the annual IBM Hursley Summit aimed at technical architects and those looking to build hybrid cloud skills in order to lead their organisation's digital transformation.

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Due to the way that APEX stores the values that are selected/entered, we need to grab the values and put them into the hidden field attached to each entry field. This will allow us to easily cycle through the tabular form to update the collection when the user submits the page.

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Just install the listener 2.0, login to the internal workspace and select "Oracle APEX Listener" in the print server list box in the instance settings and that's all! Unfortunately I didn't even manage to install the new Listener.

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Feb 05, 2020 · 30741141 - cascading select list shows 'undefined' for null values When a child select list (where it has a Cascading LOV Parent) is refreshed, if any of the new options returned are null, these will be incorrectly displayed as 'undefined' in the select list options.

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